Turn your data into valuable information

AuraQuantic business analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) provide complete knowledge and help you make better, well-informed decisions, to follow one course of action or another and execute it as quickly as possible.

AuraQuantic iBPMS orchestrates data collection from internal systems and external sources, including IoT and sensors empowers you to perform simulations, create reports, customize dashboards and perform visualizations to ensure that decision-makers are well informed. In short, it converts the data into useful and relevant information and then distributes it to the right person at the right time, fostering well-informed decision-making.

AuraQuantic offers three main levels of Analysis

Descriptive Analytics, using data consultation techniques to report what has happened and thus answer questions of the type: “What has happened?”.

Predictive Analytics, using statistical models and mathematical forecasting techniques to understand the future and thus respond to questions of the type: “What could happen?”.

Prescriptive Analytics, using optimization algorithms to give the best advice on possible results and thus offer answers to questions of the type: “What should we do?”.

With AuraQuantic BI you can experience exponential growth of digital information from IoT, social media, mobile sources, etc. and respond fast to changes to satisfy the customer demands.

According to Gartner, “the AuraQuantic platform offers highly intelligent capabilities and is expanding its reach from medium to large organizations” (MQ Report 2017).

The Forrester New Wave™: Digital Decision Platforms, Q4 2018 states that AuraQuantic:

  • integrates digital decisioning capabilities very well.
  • has a very well-integrated platform for digital decisioning applications and includes development tools spanning rules, process, and analytics.
  • is completely devoted to empowering business people to create digital decisioning apps.
Mati Carbo