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AuraQuantic vs
MS Power Platform

AuraQuantic complements Power Platform by expanding its capabilities and adding features. It is a platform for businesses seeking to maximize ROI.

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Strengthen the capabilities of Power Platform with AuraQuantic

  • Design applications with the agility of no-code technology.

  • Automate business processes with the power of a BPM.

  • Analyze data and share reports with zero limitations.


The fusion of AuraQuantic and Power Platform results in an easy-to-manage integrated environment with the most competitive licensing

New licensing options

Depending on the frequency of platform usage, licenses can be shared between different users or purchased.

Higher level of customization

IT infrastructure with customized design to meet the needs of each company.

100% No-Code Technology

Designed for both professional IT developers and non-technical business users to develop enterprise applications in a matter of minutes.


Features that extend the capabilities of Power Platform tools

Power BI is Microsoft business intelligence software for creating reports. - AuraQuantic

Power BI Embedded

Exploiting Power BI licensing is now possible with AuraQuantic Power BI Embedded.

  • Secure consumption of Power BI reports without the need for dedicated licenses.

  • Reduction of economic and administrative costs.

  • Automation of data management shown in the AuraQuantic reports.

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Simplification and cost prediction for dynamic scenarios

AuraQuantic simplifies the licensing system to facilitate the calculation of cost and ROI predictions

  • Unlimited number of executions, integrations and connectors 100% free of charge.

  • Licensing cost based purely on the number of licenses.

  • Licenses can be purchased or shared between users.

  • No computing limitations or transaction timeouts.

Customizable infrastructure and greater control

Power Automate automatically deploys the compute resources and services needed to get started. For a greater degree of control and customization AuraQuantic offers:

  • Options for IT infrastructure location: company data center or any cloud provider.

  • Customized infrastructure: Selection of authentication providers, local storage, encryption and single sign-on with ADFS.

  • Control and scalability of computing resources.

  • Optional updates.

  • Isolated and independent environments to test applications, test updates or do sandboxing.


Main problems for organizations that do not have tools to analyze data, create applications or automate processes

  • Difficulty managing and protecting corporate data.
  • Use of disparate software without integration.
  • Impossibility of remote and immediate process control.

More development options for all users
with Power Platform and AuraQuantic