Discover how 10 million users are benefiting from 100% no-code process automation

Empower employees to work effectively, optimize workflows, leverage new technologies, drive agility and delight customers – all without using a single line of code. Join this webinar to see how your company can benefit from no-code process automation.

1st of August | 11:30 a.m. (Qatar)

Why attend this webinar?

  • Learn about the latest technology for business transformation.
  • Gain key tips for your digital transformation.
  • See real examples of successful process automation.
  • Be inspired to drive change in your business.

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AuraQuantic is the most complete no-code platform used to rapidly create unlimited enterprise solutions and business applications. It combines the sophistication of iBPMS for process automation, integration, and innovation with intuitive design environments.
Mannai DC, a Mannai Corporation Initiative, a Tier 3 datacenter, is a provider of state of the art data center services who understand the importance of reliable and secure infrastructure for businesses. Their data center is designed and built to meet the highest industry standards, with redundant power and cooling systems, advanced security measures, and flexible hardware and software options. They are the first X a a S datacenter in Qatar, providing Enterprises with value based solutions in the OPEX model, helping reduce TCOs, enhancing ROIs, and all traditional datacenter services.