What is a Digital Twin

What is a digital twin

There is currently a wide range of digital technologies available for companies; one of which is called the “Digital Twin”

What is a “Digital Twin”?

Digital business initiatives trigger a complicated network of interrelated changes in the organization. These changes affect services, products, and internal and external relationships.

To help the management carry out these types of initiatives successfully, Gartner and Forrester analysts, recommend the adoption of what they call a “Digital Twin”. So what exactly is a “Digital Twin”? Well, according to Gartner analysts, Marc Kerremans and Joanne Kopcho, “digital twin is a dynamic software model of any organization that relies on operational and/or other data to understand how an organization operationalizes its business model, connects with its current state, responds to changes, deploys resources and delivers expected customer value.[1]

In short, a “Digital Twin” is the GPS an organization can use to find its way in today’s market. It is important to highlight that a “Digital Twin” is always specific to each company, and that it must reflect a mirrored image of a company’s operation.

How do you create a “Digital Twin”?

At this point it is important to clarify that a “Digital Twin” is never an objective, rather an aid to achieve the organization’s objectives. To create a “Digital Twin”, the aforementioned analysts recommend using five elements, which make up the five pillars on which to build the implementation strategy:


It is essential to define where we want our organization to go. A “Digital Twin” can allow us to optimize our business operations, improve our business model, or digitally transform our business (create a new business model)


We then need to map out how we will reach that destination. The “Digital Twin” helps us to digitize business operations.


It is important to define how to measure the progress in our journey. Establishing a performance framework in our digital model to align the various measures can help us to know where we are, and what changes to make if necessary.


The organization, immersed in a transformation process, needs to know the challenges and hurdles that may arise during the process. Thus, it is vital that the selected platform leverages real-time operational intelligence.


Empowering decision makers with accurate information about the organization, the progress of the strategy implementation, and the real situation, adds more value to the product, and to the organization.

Where does AuraPortal fit into the creation of a “Digital Twin”?

At this point and given that this is an article on the blog page at www.auraquantic.com, it’s only natural that we respond to this question: Where does AuraPortal fit into the creation of a “Digital Twin”? After clarifying the definition and understanding how to create a “Digital Twin” as mentioned above, we can use AuraPortal as the platform for design, modification, replication, improvement and automation of our business processes. In addition, AuraPortal can be the platform that collects the information generated by various IoT devices and other applications.

Being able to ensure the correct operation and implementation of a product or service is just as important as the design of that offering. In that sense, AuraPortal and its powerful integration capabilities enables you to collect information from various sources, incorporate Big Data analysis using AuraPortal AI supported by Microsoft, and then display this real-time information in an attractive way, either in your BI module, or on Business Intelligence tools, such as Tableau or Microsoft BI.

Once the product or service is born, a “Digital Twin” can continue to be useful to predict maintenance, updates and, ultimately, help us define the useful life and the value of the service or product.

[1] Gartner: Create a Digital Twin of Your Organization to Optimize Your Digital Transformation Program Published: 13 February 2019 ID: G00379226