Olivia qué es AuraPortal y cómo puede beneficiar a nuestra empresa

What is AuraPortal and How can it help your Business?

Whether you’re a General Manger, a CIO, manage your own department or an Enterprise Architect, one thing for certain is, it’s your job is to increase the productivity of your team.

Since 2002, AuraPortal has helped 9.5 million users in 50 countries to do just that, by providing an all-in-one automation tool.

Operating on the Microsoft Azure cloud, it allows you to create and manage customized business applications in just three steps:

  • Draw: using drag and drop, you draw the sequence of activities that you want your team to follow.
  • Define: you define all the variables such as who is going to participate in the process or which data to input, etc.
  • Execute: the process is ready to be executed, whether in a testing environment or in production.

Absolutely no programming code is required to complete these steps.

task workflow auraportal diagram

Workflow automation is just one piece of the puzzle. AuraPortal is an “iBPMS”, an Intelligent Business Process Management Suite. It is an all-in-one platform, that includes many functionalities including business activity monitoring, process tracking in real-time, case management, complex-event processing and much more.

AuraPortal customers value the software’s ability to modify processes in runtime, which is critical to respond to today’s extremely dynamic market.

Another highly valued feature is its capacity to customize interfaces and forms, as no two businesses are ever the same and customer and employee experience are nowadays key to business strategy.

microsoft ecosystem sql server, office 365, sharepoint, microsoft dynamics crm

Users also benefit from AuraPortal being part of the Microsoft ecosystem: It runs on Microsoft SQL and seamlessly integrates with Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, etc.

AuraPortal receives recognition from well renowned analyst firms, including Gartner, who stated:

AuraPortal’s customer satisfaction rate is consistently very high.”

AuraPortal confirms its position among the top iBPMS vendors for all major use-cases in this market.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella commented:

AuraPortal is a global leader in the BPM software market.

Also, AuraPortal won the Microsoft “Innovative Apps for Azure & Marketplace” award for its capacity for innovation as well as other global awards throughout the years.

BPM Awards

This High-Productivity experience involves measuring efficiency, generating greater profits, the high-control that managers require and of course, the continuous optimization of these processes to give businesses a competitive edge.