[WHITEPAPER] Dynamic Case Management: from theory to practice

This report studies Dynamic Case Management and reveals how iBPMS business software can help companies manage their processes using an example of a practical case.

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What is Dynamic Case Management?

This orchestrates the entire set of processes required to manage the case (applications, files…), regardless of their complexity. It gathers and records all procedures, documents and data.

Event management

Share documents, information and context to give all employees a clear picture and boost their effectiveness.

Smart mobility

Access the right information on any device, at any time.


Keep a close check on key performance indicators and monitor metrics.

The challenge

The main hurdles for any organization are, undoubtedly, new technology and especially the challenge of adapting to it. Therefore, now more than ever, we need automated process management that can interact with the intuition, knowledge and skill of our employees, since they will need to intervene and perform tasks throughout the case.

The solution

Establish the roles

Diagram the process

Establish the rules (business rules)

Document management


The key is to abandon the traditional vertical development, opting for a more horizontal approach, thus granting the necessary agility for excellent case management and operational efficiency.
It is the management of the complete and complex set of processes that make up a case /


In this area, in addition to having a human team sharing good practice and working together, collaboration refers to software that easily integrates with other software and devices.


Processes must be capable of interacting for a fast and agile execution, regardless of where or which department the request originated.

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