Why Mobility and Remote Work are Essential Elements in Today’s Business World

Whenever we talk about digital transformation, the first thing that comes to mind is employees working from the office in front of a computer screen, but in reality, most workers do not use a computer to work, or work out of the office using other devices to connect. In this article we will see that mobility and remote work have many similarities, and both options rely on technology to increase productivity.

According to a report from COIIVC, the official association of computer engineering for the Valencian Community, one of the most important changes as a result of the health crisis has been the adoption of remote working models by most companies.

However, there are notable differences between the IT sector and other professionals and sectors when it comes to coping with this change.

In fact, 38% of survey participants believe that SMEs and the self-employed are not ready for remote working.

The impact of work mobility

Nowadays many employees use their mobile devices complete tasks, and companies are aware that they would be less competitive without the use of these devices.

Mobile applications are crucial to the success of organizations. There is a substantial amount of work that is done outside the office and away from a computer.

At the heart of all these operations are the people who build our vehicles, deliver our packages, teach our children, take care of our health, etc. In short, they are our frontline Workers. They are the first connection a company has with its products and customers, and they represent 80% of the world’s workforce.

Data Paradox

IDG Research Services published a study indicating that companies that make better use of data analysis increase their productivity. Therefore, data needs to be available anytime, anywhere and this is only possible if we use mobile devices.

As far as we can see, mobility and data analysis are fundamental factors for the proper functioning of an organization and to ensure its competitiveness.

However, the information provided by frontline workers is often still unstructured information that is not taken into account for business decisions.

And this inevitably leads me back to the study of the school of computer engineering, wondering if there is a connection between the poor capacity to record and analyse data from SMEs and self-employed, and the lack of preparation for the remote working model.

Could it be that they don’t have the right technology?

Organizations are embracing digital transformation and training workers in order to optimize their productivity. These efforts must extend to frontline workers because investing in them will benefit everyone.

We need to invest in tools that close the technological and cultural gaps that separate employees from the data, resources, and experience they need to do their jobs better.

Mobile applications within a business setting empower us to be more productive and efficient and make us more valuable in the eyes of our customers and peers. An automated workflow with a low-code platform ensures the work dynamic is maintained regardless of our location. We can send or receive a task, access product prices, make a technical query, check a report, or keep track of our actions for further analysis.

In short, mobility is not an obstacle, but an opportunity to improve communication, collaboration, and to create habits for better interaction between a company and its customers.

Instant Workflow

Since we all agree that mobility is essential, why not take advantage of it?

Any company that wants its business processes to continue running, regardless of the location of its participants (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.), needs a tool that empowers it to automate its processes in an agile way. The tool should be able to generate responsive forms, have multi-platform APPs, and be able to integrate with any software on the market. AuraPortal low-code platform has all the characteristics previously mentioned, and its “Instant Workflow” APP allows its users to receive notifications and execute tasks regardless of their physical location, or the work model (on-site or remote).

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