Public policies

Quality Policy

AURA’s quality policy focuses on customer satisfaction and is committed to providing high-quality IT solutions that meet customer expectations and needs. To achieve this, the company focuses on the continuous improvement of its processes and services, in compliance with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements. AURA strives for customer satisfaction by offering high-quality products and services and personalized attention. The team is technically trained to respond to market requirements. AURA’s management team is committed to periodically reviewing and communicating the quality policy to achieve continuous improvement of its Quality Management System, based on ISO 9001:2015.

General Information Security Policy

The General Information Security Policy established by AURA aims to protect the organization’s information assets, ensuring the authenticity, integrity, and availability of information for customers and service users. An Information Security Officer will be assigned and supported by each department to maintain and improve AURA’s Information Security Management System. All information assets will be identified and classified to establish the appropriate protection mechanisms, and controls will be defined and implemented to prevent unauthorized access and loss of integrity and ensure information availability as required. All contractors shall be responsible for protecting the information they access, and regular audits and controls shall be conducted to ensure compliance with information security policies and controls. Only authorized software will be permitted for use and it will be the responsibility of staff and contractors to report security incidents and misuse of resources. Violations of policies and controls will be logged, analyzed, and monitored. AURA will have a Business Continuity Plan to ensure continuity of operations in the event of unforeseen events or natural disasters, and specific policies and additional standards and procedures to support the corporate policy.

Business Continuity Policy

AURA’s Business Continuity Policy establishes its commitment to ensuring the continuity of its operations and critical services in the event of disruption or crisis. To meet this objective, they are committed to implementing, maintaining and continuously improving their Business Continuity Management System based on ISO 22301 requirements. The policy is based on five principles: identification of critical processes and services, design and maintenance of business continuity plans and procedures, conducting simulations and tests, adequate and timely communication, and staff training and awareness. AURA is committed to complying with this policy and to continuously improving its Business Continuity Management System to protect its critical processes and services and to meet the expectations and needs of all stakeholders.