Project Description

“We have reduced work activities
from hours to minutes.”

Company: CardNET | Financial services industry | 200 employees



Elimination of physical forms for processing payments


Reduction in purchasing
process time


Total time reduction for the customer payment process


The company’s work methodology was based on the use of traditional tools such as paper documents, handwritten signatures, and phone calls.

CardNET’s digital transformation project was the perfect opportunity to address recurring issues and update all internal policies.

Before implementing AuraQuantic, CardNET did not use any automated internal system. There was no system for monitoring internal operations or detecting potential errors.

  • Lack of status information about processes.

  • Use of paper forms.

  • Workflow bottlenecks.

  • No verification of document validity.


The main benefits of implementing the AuraQuantic tool after automating CardNET’s internal processes, include:

Connection for
document validation

Accurate and real-time
process monitoring

Elimination of
paper forms

Accelerated payment process

90% reduction
in paper consumption

Better time

The flexibility of this platform and the high levels of enterprise automation that can be achieved is unrivaled.

Luis M. La Paz | Continuous improvement engineer

What we have experienced in the company by implementing AuraQuantic has opened our minds to the future of work. We realize that management based on digital processes is completely possible.
This experience paves the way for digital transformation.

Rafael Polanco | Vice president of services and continuous improvement

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