What is AuraQuantic Remote Work?

AuraQuantic Remote Work is a powerful and affordable system to transform your current company operations into efficient remote work solutions. The platform includes essential features to maintain and even increase productivity throughout the entire business ecosystem, with task automation and traceability ensuring complete control of operations, which is key to a successful remote work strategy.

AuraPortal Remote Work - Powerful


AuraPortal Remote Work - Powerful



Automate your business and see progress in real time

Create zero-code automations for your business operations. Minimize the chances of human error and focus on the tasks that make a real impact.


Collaboration platform

Document management


For any user, any department, and anywhere!

The solution includes essential features to maintain and even increase productivity throughout the entire business ecosystem in a remote work environment. In addition, it comes with six predefined processes to enable users to immediately begin their daily work:

Purchase process

Dynamic workflow

Activity recording

Administrative permissions

Document management

Technical assistance


AuraQuantic Remote Work is your new virtual office! See an overview from your remote workplace, making it easier for you and your team to reach your goals and boost performance!

Real-time dashboards

Give different access to each of your employees depending on the information they need to see.

Instant notifications

View your project status in real-time and keep track of what’s most important.

Real-time reports

Have full control of data and get a better overview of your employees’ performance.

Device Frame

Remote work: all you need to know in 1 minute

Keeping up with each other’s progress and results remotely might be challenging at times. AuraQuantic Remote Work offers a wide range of features that will help you to better identify weaknesses, reallocate resources and make sure that goals are still being reached.

Start using AuraQuantic Remote Work from home!

AuraQuantic Remote Work brings your team together and makes it easier to plan and build new projects with your employees, wherever they are.

AuraPortal Remote Work