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Compliance software

Regulatory compliance software is essential to protect against fines and economic losses caused by non-compliance with a regulation, law or business code of conduct.

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What is compliance

All legal regulations that the company must comply with are defined in the software. The software automatically sends the relevant documentation and corresponding tasks in a timely manner, to ensure that all regulations are met.


Why do companies need a compliance solution?

Compliance platforms provide monitoring tools and ensure compliance with predefined workflows using tasks, reports and alerts that guide the user to carry out all the necessary actions for compliance.

Elimination of legal problems

Regulatory compliance eliminates the risk of fines, penalties, lawsuits, interruptions to business activity or even business closure.

Fast adaptation to regulatory changes

Compliance software provides the necessary flexibility to rapidly adapt to changing regulations.

Transparency, accountability and trust

Customizable dashboards provide complete visibility of all actions, facilitating task execution and supervision.


Digital features that simplify regulatory compliance for companies

Business rules engine

The business rules engine (BRE) empowers users to rapidly adapt all applications and processes to meet new regulations simply by modifying a business rule.

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Business Intelligence & Reporting

A functionality designed to unify, collect, process, manage and display all relevant information and ensure compliance.

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Document management

Creation of automatic documents using customizable templates to eliminate human errors, reduce management times and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Main problems presented by companies that do not have compliance software

  • Difficulty keeping up with regulatory changes
  • Lack of internal visibility and transparency
  • Data management deficiencies
  • Hefty fines for non-compliance with regulations
  • Poor coordination and response to security breaches


Compliance management software trusted by many clients

This is how Toyota has achieved a system that enables the company to manage compliance and adhere to industry standards and regulations.

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The TOYOTA Spain challenge of achieving the certification of their network according to the ISO 14001 regulation with a focus not only on obtaining the certificate, but of really raising awareness and promoting good environmental practices among all their distributors, is laudable and demonstrates a willingness beyond what could be considered a commercial positioning.
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