AuraQuantic services

Cloud infrastructure, technology consulting services, technical support and official training courses.

AuraQuantic Cloud is the AuraQuantic product’s IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) which is provided on the Microsoft Azure private cloud.

AuraQuantic Cloud

A cloud computing service model that offers on-demand infrastructure resources, including storage, virtualization, servers and networks. In addition, AuraQuantic Cloud is hosted on the Microsoft Azure private cloud that has optimal levels of security and data centers worldwide.

Our consultancy service will help you optimize your business applications by providing effective solutions based on a combination of innovation and technology.


Our team of IT consultants offers advisory services, analysis, solution implementation, monitoring and control functions to help companies shape the most innovative technology projects to drive their corporate strategy and ensure success.

The AuraQuantic support team are on hand to answer any question about the AuraQuantic product.


Technical and personalized support from the best professionals adapted to the needs of any company. Three different plans are available: Starter, Standard, and Custom. The Support department will provide an agile and effective response to queries related to infrastructure, databases, cybersecurity and integrations on the AuraQuantic platform.

This official AuraQuantic certification center conducts training programs for all levels of process automation and business application development.

Training School

The official AuraQuantic training school offers training programs adapted to all levels, to expand technological competencies in process automation, interface design and no-code business applications. It also offers courses in administration and integration with applications, databases and other systems, using connectors or web services.

Drive business innovation and improve levels of competitiveness with AuraQuantic services