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Customized digital transformation

The AuraQuantic digital transformation platform is used to optimize processes, improve business competitiveness and offer greater value to customers. The solution promotes digital innovation and adapts to the needs of each organization in a personalized way.

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A digital technology with multiple benefits for digital transformation:

Increased productivity

Process automation is a pillar of digital transformation that eliminates unnecessary tasks, duplication and human errors.

Cost reduction

Digitization of activities and document management reduces material and personnel costs.

Greater capacity for analysis

A digital business collects and analyzes relevant data for optimal decision making.

Improved communication

Digital transformation facilitates communication and access to information shared between different departments.


Features designed to drive digital transformation in any company:

Business Process Management (BPM)

AuraQuantic is a no-code platform that can be used to rapidly and accurately automate all business processes, regardless of their complexity.

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AuraQuantic offers digitization, categorization, traceability and centralized management of all documentation.

Document management

The platform offers digitization, categorization, traceability and centralized management of all documentation. In addition, it can automatically generate documents using Microsoft Word templates and process unstructured documents.

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Manage and view data related to the organization’s daily activity with AuraQuantic.

Business Intelligence

This feature is used to store, manage and view data related to the organization’s daily activity, contributing to better decision-making.

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Symptoms of companies in need of digital transformation:

  • High risk of human error
  • Work duplication

  • Excessive paperwork
  • Departmental silos
  • Complex internal procedures


Example of a company in the insurance sector that has made the transition to a digital business model:

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Our digital processes to generate insurance policies were meticulously designed from start to finish. We have thorough control that ensures data integrity and the validity of digital formats with scanned signatures for our customers and intermediaries.

AuraQuantic user: SISA | Insurance

Digital transformation helps organizations to be more competitive and resilient in the face of changing environments