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Case management

Case management uses digital technologies to facilitate the monitoring and processing of multiple cases and tasks, improving teamwork and increasing customer satisfaction.

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What is case

A case management solution provides organizations with a central platform to store all the data associated with each customer for realtime monitoring and analysis. It includes visibility and tracking throughout the case life cycle.


A digital platform designed for efficient case management

Increased customer satisfaction

Data analysis helps to improve processes and identify opportunities to improve customer service

Elimination of manual processes

Process automation puts an end to the manual collection of customers’ documents. The AuraQuantic solution stores all the information digitally in a repository, guaranteeing its accessibility and eliminating work duplication.

Rapid case management

AuraQuantic provides the tools for case management, empowering companies to control all possible eventualities, the case status, and pending tasks.


Features designed to simplify case management from start to finish

A DMS is a decision rules engine based on a decision table, where each combination in the table is considered a rule. - AuraQuantic

Business rules engine

The Business Rules Engine (BRE) is used to centralize and manage all the policies and variables that determine how to automatically process each case.

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Ad hoc task creation

AuraQuantic includes unstructured or ad hoc workflows to give case handlers flexibility. This helps to detect user needs and continuously improve the processes.

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Unlimited creation of customizable records, according to the specific needs of each company. - AuraQuantic

Data management

A unified system to gather, process and manage all the information from disparate inputs and data sources, ensuring centralized data, eliminating work duplication and expediting tasks.

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Why do companies need a case management solution?

These are the main business indicators that highlight the need for this type of tool.

  • Low customer satisfaction
  • A constant stream of unanticipated scenarios and circumstances
  • Errors due to manual activities and data loss
  • Difficulty finding and sharing information
  • Delays in resolving cases
  • Work duplication


Example of a company in the banking and financial sector that has managed to increase customer satisfaction, reduce response times and improve communication.

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For BDF, AuraQuantic has been a comprehensive, quick and easy-to-implement solution, which has enabled us to automate and streamline our processes. It helps to promote our culture of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

AuraQuantic user: BDF Bank | Banking and financial services industry

Comprehensive case management ensures fast and efficient resolution, guaranteeing customer satisfaction