Integration with the SAP connector

The SAP connector enables you to build no-code applications and automate business processes based on data from the SAP ERP.

Integration with the SAP connector

The SAP connector enables you to build no-code applications and automate business processes based on data from the SAP ERP.

What is the
SAP connector?

The SAP ERP aims to integrate all company areas by creating and managing a centralized database in real time. AuraQuantic extends its capabilities with the SAP connector, which leverages the data collected and managed by the ERP to automate processes and create 100% customized business applications using no-code technology.

Why do companies that use SAP need this connector?

AuraQuantic integrates with SAP to offer new functionalities and expand the business capabilities of any organization:

  • Intelligent process automation to increase business agility.

  • Business application development using data from SAP with all the benefits of no-code technology.
  • The use of Machine Learning and other AI capabilities to optimize data management and perform advanced data analysis.
  • Centralized management of operations based on a single source of truth (SSOT) philosophy to improve decision making.


Extend your business capabilities with the SAP connector

Minimal IT dependency

AuraQuantic provides an out-of-the-box SAP integration solution by transforming and integrating data in a no-code environment.

Facilitates data exchange

The SAP connector facilitates data exchange and streamlines business operations, using AuraQuantic’s BPM technology.

Improved UX

AuraQuantic adds new functionalities to SAP ERP, creating a more comprehensive solution that helps users to interact and monitor operations.


Functionalities that enhance SAP ERP capabilities

Customized experiences

AuraQuantic gives the option to design a user-friendly and personalized experience for interaction with SAP, without extra costs or the need for additional modules.


AuraQuantic facilitates the integration of data from SAP with other business applications and services, without additional SAP modules or extra costs.

Solutions and communications with third parties

AuraQuantic enables the creation of customized portals and solutions for external users, making it possible for them to interact with SAP-related processes.

Agile approvals

With the AuraQuantic SAP connector, new operations or changes to SAP data are part of approval flows that include interactions via email, telephone, and dashboard notifications. This increases agility for procedures and enables the visualization of all relevant data from the same interface.

Risk reduction

AuraQuantic reduces risks and improves time management, avoiding delays in services and products managed by the ERP.


Symptoms presented by companies in need of SAP integration with AuraQuantic

  • Difficulties to integrate SAP with other applications
  • Departmental silos
  • Shortage of IT professionals with SAP training

  • Slow, costly and error-prone manual processes
  • Need to automate processes and approvals with SAP data
  • Need for a user-friendly and personalized interface to interact with SAP
  • Repetitive tasks in SAP
  • Slow and costly application development
  • High costs as SAP usage increases
  • Need to offer services to external users


Example of a leading business group in the agri-food industry that has integrated the SAP connector to streamline its processes

The use of the SAP connector allows us to incorporate the information contained in our ERP into the AuraQuantic processes, which adds value to the tasks and expedites operations, by eliminating the need to input data or search for information.

Grupo Corporativo Fuertes

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