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Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) helps enterprises manage large volumes of data and reduces the human errors associated with manual document management.

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What is Intelligent
Document Processing?

Intelligent Document Processing or IDP is an artificial-intelligence-based solution that converts unstructured data into useful data for the organization. AuraQuantic’s IDP solution captures, processes, categorizes, structures and validates the data in any document, thereby converting them into smart documents.


Benefits of Intelligent Document Processing:

Reduce errors

IDP reduces repetitive tasks, freeing up employees to focus on higher-value tasks in the organization. Reducing manual work leads to a drastic reduction in errors.

Centralize information

Document digitization classifies and centralizes data, allowing faster case management and instant results when searching for information.

Enrich processes

IDP facilitates the work of employees by enabling internal processes to benefit from data structuring and pre-classification.

How does Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) technology work?

Document capture

The document processor can use the AuraQuantic email connector to capture email attachments, take a photo of an invoice from our mobile app and import documents from other platforms or storage devices.

Automatic classification

IDP classifies documents using metadata, file name, extension, or by using intelligent document automation services.

Structuring and extraction

AuraQuantic IDP applies AI document processing to organize and digitize unstructured data from all types of files, such as photographs and images.

Document validation

IDP includes processes for reviewing and modifying the data obtained and retraining the AI models.

Integration options

Intelligent documents can be shared with other departments or platforms, stored in additional repositories, or indexed so that a virtual assistant can access the content.


Features used in Intelligent Document Processing:

AuraQuantic BPM

To orchestrate all the actions within each of the intelligent document processing phases

Business process management (BPM)
UI design for processes and applications
IDP extracts data from different formats and sources, for its classification and categorization - AuraQuantic

Data and document management

IDP extracts data from different formats and sources, for its classification and categorization. It stores this metadata along with the original documentation, making it easy to find.

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AI document processing extracts information from structured and unstructured documents - AuraQuantic

Artificial intelligence

AI document processing extracts information from structured and unstructured documents, such as images, for further processing, storage and integration with other platforms.

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What problems does Intelligent Document Processing solve?

  • Manual document processing
  • Difficulty finding the right documents
  • Manual management of unstructured data
  • Errors in document processing
  • High risk of noncompliance
  • Difficulty updating documentation


Customer reviews of AuraQuantic’s IDP technology:

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Our employees and customers can manage and view the documentation and other application features in the web portal.

AuraQuantic user: Arce Legalizaciones | Legal services
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We have seen a 70% reduction in consumables, and we’ve been able to retire printers. Now everything is delivered through AuraQuantic, which means that we receive the documentation correctly and on time.

AuraQuantic user: New Millennia | Recruitment services

Intelligent document processing facilitates data accessibility and large-scale business management