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A customized digital workplace

Transferring professional activity to a virtual environment is possible with the AuraQuantic digital workplace platform. A comprehensive, flexible and agile solution to access all corporate projects, applications and data from the same interface.

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What is a digital workplace?

A digital workplace consists of integrating digital tools and applications on the same platform, with the aim of transferring work to the virtual space. A digital office that improves collaboration and communication between departments, thanks to a secure interface with multi-device access.


A digital workspace designed to connect employees and streamline business processes:

Increased collaboration

This solution facilitates inter-departmental communication and collaboration, through workflows, group tasks, communications, documents and shared home pages.

Improved employee experience

AuraQuantic is a digital workplace platform that allows each user’s interface to be customized, with different content, depending on their permissions and role in the organization.

Flexibility and efficiency

Available anytime, anywhere and from any device. AuraQuantic eliminates all the barriers linked to face-to-face work, reducing operating costs, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.


Features designed to customize the workplace and create a digital office:

Create unlimited internal and external portals with AuraQuantic

Intranet and Extranet

A feature used to create unlimited internal portals, adapted to the needs of each employee.

AuraQuantic can also customize external portals to improve customer experience.

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Content management to improve employee experience - AuraQuantic

Content management

This digital workplace tool has several components to improve employee experience, such as dashboards, graphics, announcements, calendars, to-do lists and external content.

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AuraQuantic's document management includes the storage of all company files, such as texts, images or videos.

Document management

Document management includes the storage of all company files, such as texts, images or videos. In addition, it allows documents to be shared among all employees and enables their location and traceability.

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A digital workplace platform that eliminates the problems of the traditional work model

  • Lack of flexibility to guarantee business continuity.
  • Time and space limitations.
  • Data security deficiencies.


Example of a company in the pharmaceutical sector that has unified employee workflows and tools thanks to a digital workplace:

Laboratorios Funat
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An integration of the various company areas has been achieved, a functional process where each individual has specific responsibilities and at the same time, is part of a unique process, which facilitates access to the necessary information.

AuraQuantic user: Funat laboratories | Life sciences

The AuraQuantic digital workplace tools are designed to digitally transform the workspace