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Workflow automation

Workflow automation improves levels of business efficiency and effectiveness by minimizing manual work across all departments.

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What is workflow

A process that consists of the design, execution, automation and monitoring of manual and repetitive tasks in an organization, based on predefined rules. This ensures that automated workflows can perform tasks without the need for human intervention, such as contract reviews, employee onboarding and offboarding management, budget and invoice approvals, security permissions, automatic report generation, monitoring of suppliers and claims processing.


Benefits of automated workflow in the business environment:

Increased efficiency and productivity

AuraQuantic workflow automation software eliminates the risk of human error, boosting productivity, employee satisfaction and workload management. 

Continuous process improvement

Monitoring and business analytics are used to pinpoint areas for improvement. Process quality and transparency increase, and processing times and costs are reduced.

Reduction of risks and vulnerabilities

The creation of rules in automated workflows guarantees compliance with legal regulations and internal policies, reducing the risk of fraud.


How to design a 100% customized and automated workflow:

Detection of repetitive manual tasks that generate work overload in the different departments - AuraQuantic

Identify repetitive processes

Detection of repetitive manual tasks that generate work overload in the different departments, such as bill payments, payroll management, customer care, marketing campaign management, leave or vacation management.

AuraQuantic Modeler has a wizard to help the user design the flows.

Design workflows

Using a simple and intuitive interface that incorporates drag & drop technology, tasks are added and organized in new or existing processes. AuraQuantic Modeler has a wizard to help the user design flows.

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Customize each process

Each automated workflow allows customization using process rules, forms, task windows, business rules, alerts or notifications, to achieve automation and control in each process.

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What problems does workflow automation solve?

  • High customer churn rate
  • Costly, slow and error-prone manual processes
  • Poor use of staff and other resources
  • Difficulty adapting to customer demands

  • Bottlenecks in workflows


Example of a company in the manufacturing sector that has increased productivity by automating workflows:

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We have incorporated a process-centric culture since we decided to implement our solutions using the AuraQuantic BPMS platform.

AuraQuantic user: ArcelorMittal | Manufacturing

Workflow automation simplifies business processes no matter how complex they may be