“Now, our purchasing processes give us full control of our fixed assets and company expenses.”

Company: FUNAT Laboratories | Life sciences industry | 800 employees

Laboratorios Funat



purchase orders


Automated requests
for special purchases


Orders received and invoices processed per month


FUNAT Laboratories did not have an enterprise business process management system.

The processes were carried out manually and other parts were managed using ERP and custom developments to try to solve process control and traceability issues.

  • Lack of process definition.
  • Loss of information.
  • Poor quotation management.


AuraQuantic has boosted digital transformation. They have now visibility and traceability of all automated processes, and have successfully integrated the different company areas.

Intuitive interface

Productivity improvement

Customer satisfaction

Process monitoring

Fast response times

Thanks to the partner who has supported us in this project, we have achieved visibility and traceability of each of the processes implemented in the AuraQuantic platform, improved performance and optimized our processes.

The platform involves various areas of the company; a functional process where each individual has specific responsibilities and at the same time, is part of a unique process, which facilitates access to the necessary information.

Diana Lorena Zapata Rodríguez | Head of Infrastructure – Admin Management

AuraQuantic has empowered us to automate manual processes, simplify tasks, eliminate unnecessary processes, and reduce the steps for approvals.

We have optimized response times and expedited new product launches. We can also ensure regulatory compliance and prevent overstocking of products nationwide.

Lucas Hernández Saldarriaga | Purchasing and Supply Manager

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