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Jump-start your BPM success by putting your first AuraQuantic project in our hands. Our consultancy team will rapidly develop a sustainable business program to help you achieve a quick solution and add value to your company throughout the entire process.

BPM - consultancy team

Expert Consultancy Services

Put your application in the hands of users quickly with AuraQuantic. Let us jump-start your AuraQuantic program with a 6-week project to deliver a production-ready release to your business.

Expert Delivery

Ensure fast ROI on your project by using AuraQuantic’s expert delivery teams. Trained in AuraQuantic’s methodology (Strategy, Transformation, Action and Rollout), our AuraQuantic experts will collaborate with your business to deploy your application quickly and gain returns on your initial investment.

BPM - expert team

Consultancy Methodology

“AQOM – AuraQuantic Open Methodology”


Solution Training Plan for Customer Users


Real-time information for decision-making and Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis

Process Implementation

Series of Phases for Analysis and Solution Creation

End of Project

Covers all tasks to ensure Customer Satisfaction

BPM - workflow

Expert Coaching

AuraQuantic Professional Services provide comprehensive coaching and mentorship. Fast-track your AuraQuantic program successfully with the assistance of our experts.

AuraQuantic Labs

Use AuraQuantic Labs to improve program success and platform value. AuraQuantic Architects review your AuraQuantic program and applications to find potential problems and offer advice.

BPM - consultancy

Customer Involvement

Identify Scenario

Our consultancy team will help the customer to identify the needs according to each business scenario and provide the necessary features to achieve better results.

Analysis Approval

A report containing the scenario analysis and our proposals will be sent to the customer and we use the feedback to start the implementation.

Periodic Progress Meeting

We schedule periodic progress meetings to check the project progress and detect and fix possible difficulties before launching the solution.

Project Phase Approval

With the solution ready, our team will test the application and, upon customer approval, it will go to the final phase.

Solution Delivery

The solution will be ready for use.

R+I Service for Customers

Over the years, we have developed a methodology for capturing customer input that focuses on business outcomes. The methodology gathers data in a way that reveals what the customer is really trying to achieve by using a product or service.

Our approach lets us identify technology trends that fit the specific business needs and keep customers up to date on new systems that help them be efficient and competitive.

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