Process mining

AuraQuantic redefines process mining with the new Process Mining Quantum. An advanced tool for visualizing and understanding organizational processes.

What is process mining?

Process mining is a data analysis technique used to monitor and optimize business processes, essential for sustaining all business operations, by leveraging data recorded in information systems. The Process Mining Quantum provides a comprehensive approach to process mining, enabling the identification of opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement.

Process mining functionalities:

Global analysis of classes of process

The Process Mining Quantum collects data on selected processes and presents it in an interactive report within the AuraQuantic interface. This tool provides a comprehensive and detailed view of how processes are executed, helping administrators and staff to analyze tasks that require human intervention. Moreover, reports can be generated in PDF or Excel format and include the most relevant indicators.

Trend charts

Trend charts

They offer a detailed analysis of key events in processes, variants, and personal tasks. Using graphical representations and precise data, they illustrate the evolution of critical parameters such as workload, the number and modifications within each variant, average duration, and task frequency.

What does Process mining provide?

Provides a detailed and accurate view of the operational execution of processes.

Shows process variants and areas for improvement

Enables proactive error detection and correction

Facilitates informed decision making

Supports compliance with standards and regulations

The Process Mining Quantum converts information into tangible results that drive continuous improvement and success in the implementation of AI technologies