“AuraQuantic is optimizing day-to-day business operations.”

Company: Ajinomoto Agro Solutions | Biotechnology Industry | 200 employees





Processes completed
on time




After joining the Ajinomoto group, Ajinomoto Agro Solutions’ business volume increased. This drastic change required a technology solution capable of ensuring the quality of all its processes.

The company’s main objective was to find software that would allow them to design and modify business processes, leaving behind problems such as:

  • Document processing delays.
  • Lack of inter-departmental communication.
  • Inefficient processes that lacked agility.
  • Duplicated tasks.


At present, all the divisions of the Ajinomoto Agro Solutions organizational structure use AuraQuantic in their day-to-day work. The platform has helped Ajinomoto Agro Solutions to:

Standardize business processes

Reduce non-value-added tasks

Improve the decision-making process

Optimize business planning

Gain greater control and visibility of tasks

Eliminate communication errors when sharing data

AuraQuantic is a key element in the digitalization and automation of our company’s processes. It allows us to ensure that all the steps in any process are being carried out in a timely manner, so we have reduced incidents and improved customer service ensuring high quality standards.

Carina Otero Kyriacou | Supply Chain Director at Ajinomoto Agro Solutions

AuraQuantic has helped us to reduce tasks that do not add value, to eliminate communications by e-mail or other means, to make decisions, and to plan based on the times set for each process.

Natalia Camps | Quality Assurance Manager at Ajinomoto Agro Solutions

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