“The AuraQuantic platform
has had an immense impact
on the company.”

Company: Alquería | Food industry | 60 years of experience



Million liters of milk transported per day and managed with AuraQuantic


Vehicles automatically paid using AuraQuantic


The process of collecting milk involved many people and a lot of paper, which was then consolidated into Excel sheets; often generating delays in the whole process.

Before the implementation, there were two main goals: first, to make it simple and practical for users and, second, to automate the controls and ensure they add value.

  • Inefficient and slow processes.
  • Need to reduce manual tasks.
  • Excessive number of people involved in the processes.
  • Obsolete written procedures.


All operators use very efficient capture screens and integration with industrial devices which give the company total control of the process.

Monitoring, control and analysis of the execution of each process

Agile document management provides a source of organized data

Management applications to control the different types of cases

Complete visibility into business activities

Integrated tasks and dynamic forms

Efficient management of business rules

Absolutely all the development, processes and controls were carried out using the AuraQuantic platform. We integrate the information provided by the tool with the ERP. This integration is continuous and bidirectional.

Fernando Trujillo | IT Solutions Coordinator

We have integrated the AuraQuantic mobile app with information panels and a mobile platform developed on Android that allows us to collect and leverage information that we never had previously.

Fernando Trujillo | IT Solutions Coordinator

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