“We have increased the levels of flexibility and agility in process management by 80%.”

Company: Andorra Turisme, S.A.U. | Tourism industry | 30 years of experience



Greater flexibility and speed for process implementation


Reduction in


Andorra Turisme needed to optimize all its processes by reducing manual tasks and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Andorra Turisme wanted to improve Andorra’s competitive position as a tourist destination. Also, they sought to improve coordination between the different teams and ensure high standards were met.

  • Lack of communication and collaboration between departments.
  • Deficiencies when managing high volumes of documentation.
  • Dense and complex administrative management.


The digital platform implementation has enabled company-wide process management, creating an agile system for its continuous improvement and ensuring an optimal level of quality in all operations

High level of workflow automation has led to a reduction in the number of manual tasks

Increased levels of flexibility and agility to design and modify processes

Maximum compliance with the regulations that affect the company, including the GDPR

Increased collaboration between teams from different departments through a unified communication channel

Incorporation of digital signatures as a safer, more reliable, and faster system than handwritten signatures

Cost reduction
derived from the
elimination of

AuraQuantic has made it possible to efficiently manage and automate business processes throughout the organization, creating an agile system for continuous improvement and ensuring their correct operation at all times.

Head of AuraQuantic at Andorra Turisme

AuraQuantic and BSS Consultants have enabled us to structure and improve our organization, creating synergies to optimize our daily work and grow in an organized manner.

Head of AuraQuantic at Andorra Turisme

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