“We have gained a strong competitive advantage.”

Company: ATIS Ketchum | Communication industry | 18 years of experience



Automated communication
with clients


Automated content
analysis reports


To automate the entire strategic communication monitoring system, PR, digital PR, event management and media monitoring.

As part of its digital transformation, ATIS Ketchum needed to design its own monitoring and information management system, to provide a media information service to its clients.

  • Difficulties monitoring and managing high volumes of information.
  • Lack of a reliable, secure and intuitive information storage system.
  • Need for a customizable digital product to meet the customers’ needs.


Implementation of a digital information monitoring system.

Centralize all
information in
a database

Integration with internal systems including PR distribution

Generation of reports
in Excel
and PDF

We can now measure the impact of PR management on each of our campaigns.

Santiago Espinel | General Manager

We have strengthened our daily press clipping service, making us an agency with a strong competitive advantage.

Santiago Espinel | General Manager

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