“We’ve increased productivity by 40%.”

Company: INCMNSZ Department of Infectious Diseases
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Increase in productivity


Improvement in data security


Improvement in data control


In clinical research, data management is of vital importance to generate reliable and accurate results.

Information must be centralized, expedited, organized, and constantly updated. Furthermore, confidentiality is crucial.

  • Disparate information.
  • Problematic management of patient records.
  • No real-time analysis or information shared between hospitals and labs.
  • Manual and inefficient document management.


The main benefits of implementing the AuraQuantic tool, include:

Data security on a shared platform

Patient notifications and alerts via email and SMS

Efficient and automated document management

Currently, we are in a new stage of process automation for new research protocols and the pursuit of integration with more of the Institute’s systems. Process Modeling was quick and easy because it didn’t require any coding. We can also make immediate changes to improve the processes.

INCMNSZ Medical Team

The AuraQuantic platform has given us many advantages, especially when generating an active flow of relevant clinical information from the patient and the timely reporting of laboratory results for respiratory pathogens.

INCMNSZ Medical Team

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