“The revolution came with the use of AuraQuantic.”

Company: Q-Safety | Occupational Risk Prevention Industry | 150 employees


Reduction in
management times

Reduction in the time taken to issue an invoice

Reduction in the time taken to control and monitor production


Q-Safety by Quirónprevención relied on manual processes to carry out daily tasks, such as inputting data into internal applications, recording and searching for information, and storing documents.

Due to the total lack of digitalization, the company began the search for a tool to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation, leaving behind problems such as:

  • Document processing delays.
  • Issues tracking generated documents.
  • Errors and loss of files.

  • Inefficient processes that lacked agility.


Currently, all company departments use AuraQuantic on a completely unified platform, resulting in multiple benefits, including:

Improved user

Time and cost

Improved case monitoring and traceability


Real-time updates
of available

Integration with multiple connectors and orchestration

Thanks to the AuraQuantic BPM platform, I have been able to increase the productivity and efficiency of my team, make informed decisions and reduce human errors.

Ana Carrasco de la Cruz | Health and Safety Coordination Manager

The AuraQuantic BPM platform gives me a global vision in real time of the company’s processes, from the information at the contracting level to the evolution of the services provided to each client.

Ana López González | Director Q-Safety by Quirónprevención

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