AuraQuantic has empowered the institution to evolve very quickly.”

Company: SERNAGEOMIN | Public Services | 500 employees



Process traceability


Reduction in data analysis times


Digital reporting


SERNAGEOMIN recognized that it lacked digitalization, as the management of all procedures was carried out 100% manually.

The company’s main objective was to make the leap into the digital era and establish a new administrative culture that would put an end to:

  • Slow and duplicated processes.

  • Excessive paperwork.

  • Deficiencies in document management.

  • Poor interdepartmental communication.


Currently, the subdirectorate has 16 active processes on AuraQuantic and plans to expand its use over the next few years. Some of the benefits of its digital transformation include:

Real-time data updates

Reduced paper consumption

Optimized business planning

Fewer non-value-added tasks

Time and cost savings

Improved case monitoring and traceability

With AuraQuantic, the institution’s personnel have all the information they need in a much more accessible format that is easy to read, interpret and analyze.

Heidi Rossana Cano | Head of the Data Intelligence Office of the Mining Branch

Previously, we had to assign staff to analyze data and produce reports. Now, with AuraQuantic, reports are generated at the click of a button with all the relevant information on accidents.

Bruno Alvarado Villazón | National Head of Accident Investigation and Sanctions

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