“It is the perfect tool to optimize and transform processes.”

Company: Technical University of the North | Education industry | 16,000 students



Increase in
customer satisfaction


Improved integration between
software applications


Reduction of
paper usage


The university was looking for the best way to solve unforeseen issues that may occur in internal and external processes.

University’s main customers are: students, teachers, admin and the community in general.

The growth of the University, highlighted the need to improve management in many areas including academic, research, engagement and management.

  • Need for a platform that enables virtual procedures.
  • Poor communication with users.
  • Excessive use of paper and time.
  • Repetitive and unnecessary tasks.
  • Inadequate security systems.


Electronic certificates have reduced paper usage, improved delivery time and guaranteed the validity of online certificates versus printed certificates.

Reduction of costs in printing and paper

Increased security
and integrity

Significant time and space savings

Fast certificate delivery and reduction of errors

Procedure optimization and less travelling

Freedom to carry out procedures at any time

AuraQuantic has helped us to greatly improve the quality of our automated processes.

MSc. Juan Carlos García | DDTI Manager

Automating the processes with the AuraQuantic double authentication feature, has helped us achieve an agile and secure channel to academic resources.

MSc. MSc. Álex Guevara | UTN lecturer

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