“All data on a single platform empowers meticulous project management.”

Company: TRAC | Construction industry | 26 years of experience



Building restorations


Meticulous control of projects




To optimize project management, TRAC needed to digitize its manual procedures and disparate systems. They needed a solution that could integrate with the existing software, ERP, and BI tools to orchestrate the entire business cycle for project management involving many different departments.

TRAC was in a period of growth, which, due to the complexity of its services, required a drastic organizational improvement. Multiple projects were managed simultaneously, and managers lacked the tools necessary to monitor and control their progress and successful execution.

  • Poor cost control and budget deviations.
  • Decentralized information.
  • High volume of paper documentation.
  • Excessive management times.


Meticulous project control empowers fewer people to manage a high volume of data extremely efficiently. Also, managers have real-time insight into each project, empowering fast and agile decision-making.

Intelligent document
management with
automatic document

No-code, on-the-fly
modifications for
rapid adaptation
to change

Immediate access to
accurate data for

With AuraQuantic we can check the status of each of our projects with complete traceability, providing company-wide monitoring of all information.

Sergi Canal Agudo | TRAC Economic and Finance Manager

AuraQuantic has very powerful document management capabilities that can automatically generate and integrate documents when needed.

Sergi Canal Agudo | TRAC Economic and Finance Manager

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