“AuraQuantic is used daily by 21 ministries in Costa Rica.”

Company: Ventanilla Única de Inversión (VUI) | Public sector | Year of creation: 2020



Reduction in travel requirements


Improved process traceability


Reduction in paper usage


The VUI arose as an initiative between the Foreign Trade Promotion Agency of Costa Rica (PROCOMER) and the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC). Before implementing AuraQuantic, part of the procedures managed through the VUI were carried out with a more limited process development software.

Due to the limitations, PROCOMER decided to look for a tool that could optimize processes and digitalize all administrative procedures, leaving behind problems such as:

  • Difficulties following up on procedures.
  • Errors and loss of files.
  • Difficulty configuring operations.
  • Slow processes.


One of the remarkable accomplishments facilitated by AuraQuantic is the successful implementation of a groundbreaking project in Latin America known as the VUI. This initiative has yielded impressive results, including:

The power to resolve administrative procedures in less time

Enhanced operational efficiency and improved citizen service

Seamless interoperability between different administrations

Greater control and security of citizen documentation

The digitization of all the procedures involved in starting a business

transparency of
all procedures

The implementation of AuraQuantic has allowed us to address the needs of all Costa Ricans, by being able to include and automate more processes on the platform, specifically related to the opening of businesses in the country.

Johan Císar Moreno | Institutional Manager of VUI

Before AuraQuantic, our capabilities were constrained by the limitations of the software we were using. It failed to provide the extensive range necessary for diversifying the processes that could be integrated into the VUI system.

Johnny Guillén | Solutions Implementer at VUI

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