Building components

This course offers an overview of process management and its impact on modern business management, covering the complete process life cycle: diagramming, modelling, execution and monitoring.

Building components certificate


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40 hours


English and Spanish

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at anyone interested in learning to use the platform to create processes and applications without the need for technical knowledge or programming languages.

Attendees must have passed the Introduction course.

Course takeaways

  • Use of the AuraQuantic platform
  • Creation of data repositories
  • Creation of simple processes
  • The continuous improvement process cycle


  • User layer

  • Data management

  • Galleries, terms and forms

  • Attributes in forms

  • Class of processes and events

  • Gateways and human tasks

  • Participants and execution

  • Forms, base document and digital signature

Student opinion

The course covers the indicated topics and the content has a good level of detail.

Certified student in Building components

A very complete course, clear and well developed explanations.

Certified student in Building components