Project Description

“AuraQuantic is a comprehensive, quick and
easy-to-implement solution.”

Company: BDF Bank | Banking and financial services industry | 30 years of experience

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Notifications automatically
sent to customers


Elimination of work repetition caused by incomplete information


BDF identified the need to improve and simplify internal processes in order to make it easier for their customers to do business with the institution.

Post-mortem analyses were made on what had already occurred, making it difficult to modify and improve the processes.

The first process to be prioritized was Customer Complaints and Suggestions, which sought to reduce response times and ensure customers were kept well informed of the progress of their requests.

  • Manual processes.
  • Difficulty tracking requests.
  • Lack of the necessary documentation or information.


With AuraQuantic, the process owner can review KPIs online, check the process times and monitor work in order to keep response times to a minimum.

Suggestions, claim and complaints management


Reduction in
response times

Elimination of work repetition

Robust rules of play to ensure user authenticity

Before implementing AuraQuantic, post-mortem analyses were used to evaluate what had happened in the processes and intervention was not possible. With this software, the process owner can monitor the indicators online, check the process times and monitor work in order to keep response times to a minimum.

Zurama Corea | Director of Technology

AuraQuantic has been a comprehensive, quick and easy-to-implement solution, which has enabled us to automate and streamline our processes.

It helps to promote our culture of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Nadine Vado | Quality and Process Manager

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