Ajinomoto Agro Solutions implements AuraQuantic BPMS technology to manage CAE and monitor industrial projects

Categories: Success stories

Ajinomoto Agro Solutions has incorporated AuraQuantic, one of the most advanced Business Process Management Suites in the market, to automate a wide variety of critical processes for its daily operations. The implemented processes include Business Activity Coordination (BAC), customer relationship management, new product launches, continuous improvement, industrial test project supervision, and incident management.



The management team at Ajinomoto Agro Solutions decided to automate processes in light of escalating business demands and the need to streamline operations. Seeking a consistent work framework, the company aimed to implement predefined quality and efficiency benchmarks, ensuring reproducibility across its operations.


The successful implementation of AuraQuantic, coupled with comprehensive personnel training and the swift deployment of automated processes, was achieved within a remarkably short timeframe of just a few months. This milestone yielded significant benefits, including the systematization of operations, reduction of manual tasks, eradication of communication breakdowns among staff, streamlining of decision-making processes, enhanced control and visibility of activities, decreased reliance on micromanagement, and optimization of business planning.


Natalia Camps, Quality Assurance Manager at Ajinomoto Agro Solutions, comments, “80% of the processes are executed on time, which has helped to reduce bottlenecks”. Likewise, Marta Casanova, Laboratory Coordinator, highlights how “the implementation of AuraQuantic in the laboratory has provided a platform to centralize all the information involved in the quality analysis of raw materials and end products”, allowing faster and more efficient access to the data, more accurate data management and a substantial improvement in the decision-making process related to product quality.


The company is also considering the possibility of expanding the use of AuraQuantic in the future by developing an extranet for customers and suppliers. This initiative, highlighted by Camps, represents a strategic step towards more efficient and collaborative communication between external stakeholders. The implementation of an extranet would enable customers to securely access relevant product information, track orders and manage service requests, while suppliers would be able to share important data, such as inventory updates and order completion. This approach would not only strengthen business relationships but would also help streamline processes and improve efficiency throughout the supply chain.


Ajinomoto Agro Solutions, founded in Spain in 1996, specializes in the manufacture of raw materials for the formulation of biostimulants and biological solutions based on plant amino acids. In 2007, the company merged with the Japanese group Ajinomoto  and established a new division focused on the agri-food industry. Today, it stands as a benchmark in the research, production, and marketing of biostimulant raw materials for organic agricultural formulations.