CEMACO embraces BPA technology to support expansion

Categories: Success stories

CEMACO, the renowned retail chain specializing in home, construction, and garden supplies, has made a significant stride towards efficiency and digital transformation by automating 21 business processes. This initiative, powered by the AuraQuantic software platform, addresses the rapid growth CEMACO has experienced in recent years. It aims to standardize operations, enhance traceability, and generate valuable business intelligence.


In an increasingly dynamic and competitive business environment, CEMACO has recognized Business Process Automation (BPA) as an essential tool to enhance operations, strengthen its leadership position, and prepare for future challenges.


With the support of Grupo Plus, AuraQuantic’s partner, the retail chain has successfully automated 21 business processes across various departments in just two years. These processes include human resources management, returns processing, post-sales warranty administration, and planogram control for commercial space planning.


The company is also developing additional processes for implementation in 2024 and beyond, including a key process focused on shrinkage control. This process aims to prevent, control, and minimize product losses at various stages of the supply chain, from the receipt of goods to the final sale to customers.


Regarding the main benefits achieved, CEMACO highlights that “overall, automation has proven to be a valuable investment, and the company is committed to continuing this effort to further enhance efficiency and competitiveness.” Additionally, the company notes significant achievements such as “simplification and standardization of processes, reduction of manual tasks, digitalization of operations, and maintaining a detailed record of operational activities.”


These advancements have been made possible thanks to “the support from Grupo Plus, meetings with AuraQuantic’s Customer Experience department, and training courses at the AuraQuantic Training School, all of which have facilitated effective change management within the organization.”


CEMACO, the specialized hardware, home, and decoration division of Grupo CEMACO, which also includes Juguetón, Bebé Juguetón, and Construcentro. With over 45 years of experience, the company has established a strong presence in Guatemala with an extensive network of stores. CEMACO offers customers a wide variety of high-quality products and services from the best international and local brands.