AuraQuantic leader in the TEC Insight Report for PMA Solutions 2022

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AuraQuantic leads the market for Process Management and Automation (PMA) software solutions, according to the TEC Insight Report for PMA Solutions 2022, published by the global software analysis company Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC). The report is aimed at helping business and IT managers, as well as specific individual users, to understand the current state of the business process management and automation software market.


The TEC Insight Report on PMA Solutions is divided into two main sections. TEC Insight Report, which evaluates PMA technology vendors on the “functionality” and “user experience” offered by each solution; and TEC Insight Graph, which positions each PMA software on two main axes – functionality and user experience – and in one of four dynamic states: “stable”, “competitive”, “strong” or “dominant”.




In all competencies, the TEC Insight Report on PMA Solutions positions AuraQuantic in first position on the TEC Insight Graph for PMA solutions for ” providing an extensive functionality set across the board as well as a high user experience rating “. In addition, AuraQuantic is “one of three vendor solutions located within the dominant zone, along with TIBCO’s and Oracle’s solutions. Followed by Zoho, Signavio, OpenText, JobRouter, Appian, and Bonitasoft which “show strong performance in both functionality and UX” and then FireStart, which offers “a core set of functionality features”.


In a more detailed analysis of the data compiled in the general classification of solutions offered, which combines the functionality and UX results obtained by each solution; and, also, those provided by the specific classifications that analyze these two indicators – functionalities and UX – independently, AuraQuantic holds the highest position, on a scale from 1 to 100, as the undefeated solution in all areas of the report.


In the overall classification, AuraQuantic scored a total of 95 points, which is higher than all other PMA solutions on the market including Oracle (94), TIBCO (91), Zoho (81), SAP Signavio (74), Appian (74), Open Text (72), Bonitasoft (72), JobRouter (72) and FireStart (67).


Regarding the score obtained by AuraQuantic for functionality, it is worth highlighting that the PMA solution achieved the strongest level of coverage across all areas, excelling in process modeling, artificial intelligence and process optimization. Below AuraQuantic (95), the other solutions are Oracle (94), TIBCO (91), Zoho (81), SAP Signavio (74), Appian (74), Open Text (72), Bonitasoft (72), JobRouter (72) and FireStart (67).


In terms of UX, as detailed in the report, the AuraQuantic solution designed by the company AURA has the highest score (91), followed by Oracle (84) and TIBCO (84). At the bottom of the ranking are Zoho (80), SAP Signavio (72), Open Text (72), JobRouter (71), Appian (70), Bonitasoft (69), and, in last place, FireStart (69).


The final part of the TEC Insight Report for PMA Solution 2022 compiles some of the conclusions drawn from the analysis of the aforementioned data. Among them, the analyst firm highlights the trend of an increasing number of organizations interested in achieving business process excellence. In this sense, “PMA solutions can enable companies to efficiently manage and automate their digital business processes and achieve operational excellence”. However, in order to achieve this, organizations need to provide “users with all the necessary tools” to achieve this goal and for these solutions to be “completely assimilated within other enterprise business software solutions, thereby enabling users to access them and enjoy a seamless, easier, swifter, and more efficient method for modeling, implementing, and automating business processes”.