Click Seguridad Jurídica automates more than 20 fiduciary-related processes

Categories: Success stories

The Mexican Multiple Purpose Finance Company (SOFOM) dedicated to fiduciary activities, Click Seguridad Jurídica, uses AuraQuantic to drive the automation of over 20 processes including quotation, authorization, blacklist review, and integration and service contracts.


The company detected that the implementation and constitution of financial products was an increasingly restricted activity and subject to a vast number of legal operations. Faced with this situation, the CEO of Click Seguridad Jurídica, Adolfo González Olhovich, searched for a no-code tool that would empower a flexible and agile business process integration, and adapt to the changes in demand and the possible legal modifications that could affect its commercialization process.


After analyzing the no-code platform market, the management team decided to implement AuraQuantic. The decision was motivated by the plethora of functionalities and countless possibilities for process automation.


The implementation of AuraQuantic was carried out in several phases. The first step involved an analysis of the organizational structure to identify its critical points and, from there, define the list of priorities for the implementation project. Subsequently, the Click Seguridad Jurídica’s digital transformation team began to model some of the critical business processes. The team received support from PRAXIS, a partner of AuraQuantic, had meetings with the AuraQuantic consultancy department, and gained knowledge from completing the process diagramming courses offered by the AuraQuantic Training School.


The features provided by AuraQuantic have empowered Click Seguridad Jurídica to achieve a self-managed organizational structure. The results include reduced task execution times, improved information visibility, reduced operational costs, and increased productivity and customer satisfaction. The company’s future plans include the automation of all business processes related to a new fiduciary product called Fidevida, as well as the continuous improvement of all processes related to data identification and validation.


Founded in 2010, Click Seguridad Jurídica is dedicated to the provision of comprehensive advisory services for the implementation and constitution of financial products. In addition, major institutions, corporations, and companies in Latin America recognize it as the non-bank trust institution with the largest assets under management in Mexico.