CRISFE Foundation achieves complete visibility across all departments with AuraQuantic

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The CRISFE Foundation is an Ecuadorian  institution dedicated to promoting social projects in two areas: education and territorial development. These projects are launched with strategic allies from public, private, local, and international institutions.


Since 1994, the institution has launched 47 pro bono projects in areas such as formal, non-formal, and financial education, as well as territorial and productive development.


For 28 years, the CRISFE Foundation has provided specialized technical assistance in 18 educational projects, 28 social intervention schemes, and a project aimed at improving urban mobility. The foundation’s goal is to transform the quality of life of the 30% of the Ecuadorian population that live below the poverty line and in vulnerable situations.


The institution is supported by a multidisciplinary team made up of more than 30 professionals and the promoters Banco Pichincha and Diners Club. The large volume of initiatives and projects of various kinds generated by the CRISFE Foundation motivated the management team to consider the option of software or a technological platform that would provide a comprehensive view and exhaustive control of all projects. Furthermore, upon seeing the opportunities for improvement at technological and IT infrastructure levels, the need was consolidated.


CRISFE had disparate technological developments to suit the needs of each area. The fact that they were disconnected from each other meant that the processes could not be visualized integrally.


In addition, having software developed by third parties prevented the institution from making configurations or modifications without first contacting the supplier, which limited its functional capacity.


After analyzing the different technological solutions available on the market, the CRISFE Foundation’s management team opted for the AuraQuantic platform.


Maximiliano Gajardo Valdés, Technological Coordinator at CRISFE, explained that one of the main reasons for this choice was that “AuraQuantic is one of the best-rated BPMs by multinationals such as Microsoft”.


AuraQuantic’s strong presence in the US and Latin American markets, and the excellent ratings provided by its customers, were also determining factors.


In addition, AuraQuantic’s commitment to driving digital transformation not only in companies but also in educational institutions and non-governmental organizations is aligned with the CRISFE Foundation’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy.


The implementation of the AuraQuantic platform was carried out by a local partner, LeadSolutions, who provided personalized advice and helped to minimize costs.


During the implementation, training was given to all the institution’s staff through virtual sessions from the AuraQuantic Training School. This enabled the entire team to acquire the necessary knowledge to participate in the different phases of the platform implementation, guaranteeing maximum control and security of the institution’s know-how.


To date, the CRISFE Foundation has implemented several processes within AuraQuantic, such as grant processing and project management. The institution intends to extend the use of the platform to manage all processes and integrate the software with existing systems, to leverage all the features offered by AuraQuantic.