Eutik Solutions celebrates 12 years as an AuraQuantic partner

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Eutik Solutions celebrates 12 years as one of AuraQuantic’s most outstanding commercial partners, having achieved the “Premier Certified” partner status. This level of partnership is exclusively awarded to exceptional companies in the technology world that have established a strategic alliance with AURA, the company responsible for the AuraQuantic software platform.



However, in addition to being a technological partner, the Basque company has used AuraQuantic for years. The solution has been fundamental for the company and, according to its manager, Mikel Lasa, it has served to “improve management and solve any new challenge that arose”. An opinion shared by Paula Cornejo, Marketing Manager at Eutik, who emphasizes the improvements obtained in terms of “internal communication, since the platform is used to establish communication between all the departments involved in a project, reducing emails by up to 90%”.


Throughout these 12 years in partnership with AURA, the Basque company has gained the trust of important clients in various sectors such as Metagra, ULMA and CAF Power & Automation. The success is thanks to the multiple functionalities offered by the AuraQuantic platform, including Process Management and Automation (PMA). Indeed, the plethora of powerful PMA features has positioned the software as the market leader in the latest TEC Insight Report for PMA Solutions.


Eutik Solutions has a product portfolio that includes three totally differentiated technology solutions, including the AuraQuantic business processes management and automation platform; Tableau software aimed at extending the analytical capacity of organizations through Business Intelligence (BI); and, finally, BOARD, for BI and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) applications.


Furthermore, Eutik Solutions provides a variety of business services including implementation projects, a team of certified consultants with proven experience; support and customer service on a comprehensive online communication platform; and finally, specific training aimed at helping companies to self-manage their technology solutions.


This highly specialized range of products and services, as well as its commitment to the quality of the work performed and customer satisfaction, have contributed to Eutik’s position as a leading consultancy firm in process management, Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management. The Spanish company, with headquarters in San Sebastian, endeavors to promote enterprise digital transformation both nationally and internationally.