Everest Group has named AuraQuantic as a Major Contender in the “Process Orchestration Products PEAK Matrix® 2023” report

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Everest Group has positioned AuraQuantic as a Major Contender in the “Process Orchestration Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 – Update” report.


This recognition positions AuraQuantic as one of the leading products competing in the process orchestration solutions market. This type of technology enables the efficient coordination and management of multiple activities, systems, and resources to achieve a seamless and efficient execution of workflows and processes.


The report prepared by Everest Group provides a comparative assessment of technology vendors in the process orchestration market segment. Specifically, a total of 24 providers were studied and positioned on the PEAK Matrix® and classified into different categories, based on their capabilities and offerings. In addition, various factors such as vision, capabilities/functionality, talent availability, market success/impact, and cost are taken into account during the evaluation.


The primary purpose of the “PEAK Matrix® Process Orchestration Products 2023” report is to provide in-depth research to help buyers select the right technology for their business needs and to enable providers to benchmark themselves against each other.


Currently, and according to Everest Group, process orchestration solutions are “gaining popularity worldwide” by offering  “offering numerous applications across various business functions and industries”. This opinion is shared by Pablo Trilles, CEO of AuraQuantic, who, in addition, highlights the main business benefits derived from leveraging this type of technology product as “increased productivity, cost reduction, process compliance, and enhanced employee and customer experience”. Trilles also predicts that demand for process orchestration products will increase over the coming years, driven by the “growing complexity of business processes and the need to integrate and coordinate heterogeneous applications and systems”.