Inycom “Premier Certified Partner” of AuraQuantic

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Inycom is a “Premier Certified Partner” within the AuraQuantic business partner program. This status has enabled Inycom to join the exclusive group of strategic partners of this important technology platform, the market leader in PMA (Process Management Automation) solutions according to the prestigious TEC Insight Report for PMA Solutions.


Inycom started its commercial alliance with AuraQuantic in 2018. However, their business history goes back much further. Specifically, as far back as 1982, when it started its activity as a company exclusively dedicated to the medical sector. Today, it provides services to all economic sectors and forms part of the Nunsys group, the largest nationally owned ICT group in Spain. Together with Nunsys, Inycom offers digital transformation solutions for all sectors and has a team of over 2,500 people.