A new edition of 5B Digital Summit kicks off with participation from AuraQuantic and Grupo Plus

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5B Digital Summit returns to Guatemala for another year with the aim of bringing together managers, directors, and CEOs from banking, Fintech and the Guatemalan financial sector, for a networking day with regional representatives from other Latin American countries. An international meeting that will be held on September 7 at the Casa de Santo Domingo Convention Center and is supported by one of AuraQuantic’s customers, 5B, and the Latin American Association of Operators of Electronic Funds Transfer Services and Information (ATEFI), as main organizers.


Payment methods, corporate culture, and digitization will be the main topics addressed at this international meeting, aimed at creating a space for discussion of success stories, best practices, product innovation, and networking related to the banking and financial sector. The event is sponsored by companies including MasterCard, BiCon, Coincaex and Hyosung TNS; and, also, banks such as Bam, BanRural, and Banco G&T Continental. The digital transformation platform, AuraQuantic, also sponsors the event and will be represented by its partner Grupo Plus during the event.


The summit welcomes three prestigious speakers with international recognition. Gonzalo Blousson, co-founder and CEO of the company Signature, will be the first speaker who will introduce attendees to the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In addition, he will address the importance of having a technology that guarantees the integrity of digital information without depending on third parties. Subsequently, Natalia Kingsland, a business administrator with a focus on human resources from the University of Belgrano (Buenos Aires), will speak of the importance of integrating digital culture into day-to-day business activities. An issue that encompasses all customs and forms of social interaction that are possible thanks to the widespread use of different technologies, such as the Internet. The final speaker invited to the 5B Digital Summit is Ángel Nigorra, CEO of Bizum, who will talk about current and future payment methods, as well as their growth in Latin American markets.


The organizers of the 5B Digital Summit anticipate that there will be more than 350 attendees this year from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama and Spain. The event strives to connect the current consumer and user needs with the best practices and trends in the banking and financial sector.