Pablo Trilles participates in a webinar on the Bootstrapping model in the software industry

Categories: Events

On October 20th, at 10:00 a.m. Pablo Trilles, AuraQuantic CEO, will participate in the webinar “How to compete with the big software companies and sell in over 50 countries with a bootstrapping model”. The event, organized by BlueBull, the first data-driven investment bank, will showcase the AuraQuantic success story to highlight the value of the bootstrapping model. The software behind the company AURA was recently named “Market Leader” in the Low-Code Development Platforms category, in the Fall 2023 Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers.


The webinar, which is part of a series of sessions aimed at Bluebull employees, will delve into AuraQuantic’s trajectory, detailing some of its achievements in becoming a benchmark in the technology sector, based on a bootstrapping model. A business practice that offers independence, control, and a solid base for sustainable growth, based on self-financing, organic growth, proprietary control, and iterative product and service development. This will be followed by a presentation of some of the software’s most in-demand functionalities, such as business process automation, no-code application development and artificial intelligence. In addition, success stories of some companies that have implemented AuraQuantic to boost their digital transformation such as Carrefour, ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN, Ibercaja, Iberdrola, Nissan, Toyota and the University of Deusto will be analyzed and, finally, there will be time for participation in the question and answers session.


BlueBull is a Valencian investment banking firm specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising. Since mid-2023, it has set up an internal division specializing in exclusive debt advisory, positioning itself as the only financial advisor in southern Europe focused on technology companies with high potential for growth.