“We now know which projects best fit our financial requirements.”

Company: ArcelorMittal | Steel industry | 310,000 employees



Time reduction
for proposal evaluations


Increase in analytical


Digital transformation of
project proposals


The ArcelorMittal Foundation was beginning to struggle with the increasing volume of project proposals sent by cultural agents.

The company realized that the quality of the accepted projects could be improved if the company was able to select the best cultural project proposals in a faster, more agile manner, through the standardization and automation of its processes. The company expected to continue to see a rise in the number of project proposals and knew it needed to optimize its processes in order to respond to requests in a timely fashion.

  • The need for a process-oriented collaborative platform to manage the foundation’s cultural projects.

  • To enable the orchestration of all foundation activities in a transparent and dynamic manner.

  • To reduce the processing time for projects.


Integration of all the information related to cultural projects, which can be processed swiftly and shared with all professionals involved in the projects.

Time savings

Faster data

Use of online
forms and tasks

Greater internal and
external communication

Full integration with all systems

Clear strategies
and policies

Accurate process

With AuraQuantic, we now know which projects best fit our financial requirements, enabling us to achieve fantastic results from all projects undertaken.

The cultural agents are able to start a Cultural Project Proposal using electronic forms in our “Ctrl-Cultura” system, supported by the AuraQuantic BPMS and the RSA-CSY system, that can be coordinated in a process-driven manner.

Marcelo Santos | Art and Culture Manager

We spent a long time looking for a solution that could give us control of all automated processes to improve them and easily create new ones.

I am impressed with the features provided by the AuraQuantic platform integrated with the RSA-CSY system and I can now say that we have found what we were looking for.

Marcelo Santos | Art and Culture Manager

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