“We are the only company in the world to implement a bluefin tuna traceability system.”

Company: Balfegó Group | Fishing industry | 30 years of experience



Regulatory compliance


Improvement in processing time


Reduction in human errors


Provide a solution to the administrative complexity derived from working in 30 countries with strict regulatory requirements.

Balfegó Group decided to give the company a technological leap to reach business excellence with a system that would constantly meet customer expectations.

  • Strict regulatory compliance (more than 30 international standards).
  • Need to automate management of suppliers and distributors.
  • Adapt the product offer to market demands.
  • Expand to new international markets.


Huge time reductions for tasks that were previously very time consuming. In some processes, more than 5 hours a day have been saved. Also, now there is information that did not exist before, including process times and better business data analysis.

Traceability from capture to consumption

Easy adaptation to environmental changes

business insight

Documents automatically created and sent from the fishing trawlers

Customer integration in the sales process using external portals

Quality adjustment control to meet customer requirements

The Data Capture process of sales in Japan was ready in just two weeks, including the integration with the ERP system for automatic invoicing.

Juan Serrano | Balfegó General Manager

We´ve not only used AuraQuantic for the administrative processes of the organization but also in all processes related to the processing of tuna. A huge improvement achieved is the help in creating and communicating the information related to fishing hauls in a given season. It´s impressive seeing all the work we save, by creating this documentation and remitting it to the state administrations.

Juan Serrano | Balfegó General Manager

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