“We have a truly effective and efficient process management approach.”

Company: CAF Power & Automation | Rail industry | 13,000 employees



Efficiency improvement


Continuous improvement


Error reduction


The day-to-day running of the organization through end-to-end process management was initially thought to be the biggest challenge.

CAF is an organization that manages many processes related to several management areas: sales, product design, project management, purchasing management or quality management.

  • Manual processes.
  • Inefficient document system.
  • Need to update written procedures.

  • Use of paper documents.


In a year and a half, the company has created more than twenty automated solutions and the number grows monthly.

Compliance with
all the regulatory

Compliance with quality standards (ISO 9001, CMMI…)

Continuous business process improvement in the company

Greater speed when implementing new applications

Greater flexibility when modifying existing processes

No users can deviate from the established procedures

Our objective has been to have an agile, autonomous, and flexible (in short, efficient) method of defining, implementing, executing and optimizing processes.

David Puente López | Quality Manager at CAF Power & Automation

We have achieved much greater flexibility and speed when implementing new solutions or modifying existing business processes.

David Puente López | Quality Manager at CAF Power & Automation

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