“We now deliver our services 10 days faster than before and process times have been reduced by 40%.”

Company: KPN | Telecommunications industry | 10,000 employees



Increase in customer satisfaction


Increase in process automation


First time right


With increasing competition, customer-facing processes needed to be automated with maximum urgency and efficiency, optimizing resources while decreasing expenses.

The main challenges were motivated by the vast number of possibilities within the processes, alongside the sheer volume of information that flowed between different processes, from service delivery to technical services.

Also, the chosen platform had to be capable of adhering to strict ACM (Authority for Consumers and Markets) guidelines.

  • Insufficient tools to cover the vast number of possibilities in the processes.
  • Need for high efficiency and urgency in process deployment.
  • No real-time communication or information updates for customers.
  • Need to adapt services to a rapidly changing market.


Using AuraQuantic has standardized processes in the production chain, hereby improving the quality of the service we offer.

Gradual and continuous implementation

Modular and scalable architecture

Integration with external systems

Within a publicly traded company like KPN, continuous improvement is always part of daily business.

We achieved significant improvements by standardizing stable processes with AuraQuantic.

Roel Smeets | Manager Wholesale Operations

The results for the customers: Better delivery quality, improved delivery times and real-time pro-active communication.

Roel Smeets | Manager Wholesale Operations

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