“We can manage
contracts on time and
without the risk of error.”

Company: New Millennia | Banking and financial services industry | 20,000 customers



in consumables


Internal and external communication improvement


Automated worksheets
per week


For a Temporary Recruitment Agency, one of the most important requirements is to ensure that the administrative processes are running smoothly.

All operational processes had to be treated with the efficiency and urgency that their clients required, so NEW MILLENNIA began an extensive investigation in search of a system capable of fulfilling all their needs. The main requirements included the effective control of numerous administrative processes, compliance with the most demanding government regulations in the temporary recruitment field, resource optimization and cost reduction.

  • Mountains of paperwork.

  • Operational process security.

  • Supply chain system integrations.

  • Operational process speed.


The company opted for AuraQuantic’s business process automation platform and the project successfully fulfilled all their objectives.

Precise contract management


Process automation and real-time monitoring

Effective document management

Reduction of paper consumption

We could spend months training a developer on the nuances of what we do and why we do it, and they could still get it wrong. It was much easier for us to simply learn to do it ourselves, and fortunately AuraQuantic made that easy.

Don Payne | New Millennia Managing Director

Since our deployment of AuraQuantic we’ve seen a 70% reduction in consumables—paper and toner—and we’ve retired printers as well as the fax lines that were still used to receive time sheets.

Now, everything is delivered through AuraQuantic, which means no more lost time sheets, which used to be a problem when paying 5,000 people per week.

Don Payne | New Millennia Managing Director

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