“There is a clear before and after in terms of process agility.”

Company: Serikat | Information Technology Industry | 400 employees



Reduction in the time to locate relevant information


Elimination of formal communications via e-mail


Reduction in the response time in the selection of candidates


Due to the large volume of information they had to manage daily, Serikat’s main objective was to automate its recruitment process

The lack of digitization prompted the company to look for a technology solution that could optimize its processes, leaving behind problems such as:

  • Difficulty tracking documents.
  • Manual errors and loss of files .

  • Delays in the selection process.
  • Inefficient processes.


The implementation of AuraQuantic has enabled the development of a “macro-process”, bringing multiple benefits to Serikat including:

Increased data

process agility

Enhanced decision making

transparency in

Improved task
monitoring and

Real-time updates on the status of each recruitment process

AuraQuantic is a very powerful tool with which processes can be developed quickly (…), as opposed to other solutions on the market that seem to be designed exclusively for technology professionals.

Estíbaliz Domínguez | Account Manager and Project Director at Serikat

AuraQuantic is helping us to organize tasks and measure processes. We now have a database of candidates that can be leveraged and tracked. Moreover, we can see the status of each recruitment process in real time.

Estíbaliz Domínguez | Account Manager and Project Director at Serikat

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