SERIKAT designs a macro process to automate all employee selection tasks

Categories: Success stories

SERIKAT has taken the first step to digitalize people management by automating the employee selection process using the AuraQuantic platform. This automation eliminates manual and repetitive tasks and facilitates a simple and secure exchange of information between the different parties involved in the selection of candidates to fill company vacancies.



SERIKAT had “an employee selection process that lacked agility and every small change required investment in software development, in addition to the costs incurred in the department that manages this process on a daily basis”, explained the company’s management team. Faced with this situation, the People Management department requested a solution to this problem. One of the first products that the management team considered was AuraQuantic. The main reason mentioned by Estíbaliz Domínguez, Account Manager at SERIKAT, is that “we needed a solution that would allow us to quickly build the business processes, leaving aside the large, customized developments that require months of work”. In addition, “being AuraQuantic partners, we wanted to experience implementing the software in our organization. We have always done it for clients, and we wanted to be on the receiving end”.



The platform implementation project started by forming a work team of different professional profiles. This team is in charge of identifying the different tasks and departments that intervene in the employee selection process, with the aim of optimizing all possible aspects before modeling and implementing the tasks on AuraQuantic.


Regarding the challenges that the team leading the project had to overcome, it is worth mentioning the sequencing and automation of all the tasks included in the selection process. It was also necessary to eliminate an internal procedure that was used to manage applications and required the exchange of a large number of e-mails between the People Management area and other department managers.


The implementation of this “macro process”, a term used by Domínguez to describe the set of 9 processes and 44 sub-processes that were automated on AuraQuantic, has generated important benefits for SERIKAT. These benefits include the elimination of formal communications via email (100 %), the reduction of the time to locate relevant information and select candidates (70 %), as well as greater data security, transparency of communications, and process agility.


In the medium term, the company plans to link the recruitment process with a series of internal actions, from pre-contract and contract generation to employee onboarding.


SERIKAT was founded in 1991 within ERHARDT, a diversified corporation offering four lines of business, namely Technology, Logistics and Maritime Services, Steel & Trading, and Insurance & Risk Management. Currently, the company has a commercial portfolio related to Information Technologies, which includes strategy and Technology Consultancy Services, as well as process automation solutions such as AuraQuantic, of which SERIKAT is also a Certified Partner.